Reveling in the Riches of Christian Hymnody

Reveling in the Riches of Christian Hymnody

For those who delight in the full depth and richness of our Psalm, hymn, and congregational music heritage, this hymnal offers a wide selection of treasures, past and present.

In recent decades, hymnals have trended toward minimal content. Books with fewer selections, fewer stanzas, more repeated music and more white space, apparently sell well.

For those who want more, the Cantus Christi 2020 has been the most visible choice. Designed by and for Christ Church of Moscow, Idaho, this enormous volume maximized musical and textual content, aiming for depth, vigor and maturity. No other hymnal attempts it.

Until now.

Treasury of Psalms and HymnsTreasury of Psalms and Hymns embraces this counter-trend. The editors worked to suit reformed churches who hold those musical and theological values, but find that Cantus Christi 2020 is not exactly what they need. Starting with the 744 selections of that book, we removed 150 we thought would not be widely used, added 250 which are currently being used in many reformed churches. Then we added about 300 more, mostly Psalms, which we thought would be well-received.

A complete comparison list is below:

Cantus 2002 — Treasury map

Cantus 2020 — Treasury map

The result is a smaller, thinner hymnal with 50% more music: a wealth of treasure to explore. It features:

  • Over 1,100 selections.
  • All the Psalms and many Scripture songs in a variety of settings.
  • Most every classic hymn currently used by reformed congregations.
  • A wide selection of Service Music.
  • A full complement of indexes, including Scripture and topical indexes in a separate volume and on this website.
  • No “filler.” We strictly avoided any tune or text which does not delight us.
  • Retail price of $19.99 plus shipping (or $17.99 for 60 or more copies).
  • Bulletin-ready PDFs and recordings of all selections, and many alternatives, available from the editor for the asking.

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Jordan Doolittle

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